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What to Know about a Costco Benefits for Members: Perks, Fees and More

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costco benefits for members

Costco wholesale has been one of America’s great retail stores since 1976. They offer a unique membership-only model to further save on shopping costs. Costco benefits for members range from clothing, bulk groceries, and household goods to health products such as collagen. Thousands of Americans use the service for savings that are far greater than their membership fees.

What is Costco?

Costco is a warehouse club that offers large quantities of groceries, clothing, toys, electronics, health products, and more at discounted prices. Costco first opened in the 1970s and started as a small business but expanded to serve individuals in the 1980s.

Costco has become one of America’s most beloved membership warehouse chains due to its large loyal fan base with over 117 million cardholders from 830 locations in eight countries. Below we describe how it all works, from the annual Costco benefits of membership to the various store offerings.

Why a Costco Membership is Worth It?

You may have been offered an Executive Membership if you shop at Costco frequently. Or if you know someone who has a membership at Costco, you or your friends will notice that prices online are often higher than in-store. Then non-members only have access to certain offers compared to members.

So how can you ensure Costco benefits for members in terms of these savings? Many people don’t know that there is a myriad of services and products on offer to their members beyond just groceries.

Are you one of those people interested in learning more about the cards you already have or considering joining for the first time? Keep reading the review below on the benefits of Costco membership to see some surprising things.

How much is a Costco membership?


Costco Membership

There are three types of Costco membership access in any location around the world, namely:

1.    Gold Star Membership

For customers who are not affiliated with the business, this membership is the cheapest option. A total of 2 people can get Costco benefits for members who are 18 years old and living at the same address. The annual membership fee for Gold Star is $60.

2.    Business Membership

Costcobenefits for this type of membership give business owners special access to purchase products for business, personal and resale use. The price of this membership is also the same as $60 per year, for a total of two cards, with the option to add additional cardholders for $60 annually.

A business license, business identification, or business ID is required to qualify for Business Membership. This is probably the only membership type that can add additional members.

3.    Executive Membership

The benefits of Costco membership offer a 2% annual reward on eligible Costco purchases as well as greater savings on certain Costco Travel packages and Costco services. The executive membership fee comes with a total of two Household Cards priced at $120.

 The higher upfront costs may be worth some strategic spending. You will receive $60 back, which is the cost of the tier upgrade, if, for example, you spend $3,000 per year on eligible purchases such as electronics, furniture, groceries, to health products like collagen. You must first purchase Gold Star Membership and then upgrade your account To get Executive Membership.

Costco Benefits for Members

4 Costcobenefits For Costco Members

  • Risk-free shopping. with a reliable 100% satisfaction guarantee, Costco membership provides the best value.
  • Goods provided quality. Costco. com-owned goods have savings on products from reputable and quality brands.
  • At the executive level have access to Costco benefits for members such as travel packages, and discounted contact lenses, with greater savings on selected travel packages available and other Costco services.
  • Upgrade for even more.

Supplements, Grocery, and Food Discounts

Costco benefits for members that are best known for are its massive discounts on household needs and groceries with offers from 30 packs of Lorna Doone Shortbread Cookies to two packs of 1 liter Listerine bottles. In addition to collagen supplement products, you can also get discounts such as Costco Vital Proteins.

One of Costco’s in-house brands is Kirkland Signature. Kirkland Signature products offer some of the best deals: for example, a 120-pack of Breakfast Blend K-Cup Pods for $33, while a 48-pack of Folgers K-Cup Pods — less than half the amount — is $28.

In addition, Costco also offers under the Kirkland name through selling clothing, beauty goods, vitamins, skincare, frying pans, pet food, and much more. Members in certain areas get costcobenefits by having access to same-day delivery via Instacart to have perishable items delivered to their door. But if you want to bring your own groceries, we recommend that you bring your own bag, as you will of course need a large box to make climbing the condo stairs easier.

Costco Gas Discounts

Costco is known for its relatively low gas prices apart from selling household necessities and groceries. Costco owners sell their own Kirkland Signature Gasoline, by designing a deposit control additive to help clean your car’s engine and keep it running smoothly. Through the Costco website, you can find the gas station in the nearest location.

Home Good and Clothing Discounts Costco benefits for members

Costco also has a large selection of other household needs such as furniture, and clothing, with popular brands such as LG, Casper, and Adidas. With Costco benefits for members, you also get in-house delivery and installation on major equipment as well as an extended two-year Costco warranty. Be sure to check their website for promotions, as Costco also constantly offers additional price reductions on certain products and brands.

Travel Discounts

Members can book vacation packages, hotel stays, cruises, and car rentals through Costco Travel. You can get the benefits of Costco credit card, by ordering it online.

This offer is only valid with Costco travel partners such as Enterprise, Budget, Avis, and Alamo. But Costco id travel ticket prices are not always cheap, make sure you compare with the best prices across booking sites before making a reservation.

Automotive Discount Costco benefits for members

If you’re looking for a new or used car, having a Costco membership can give you some pretty attractive discounts. The Costco Auto Program will offer pre-arranged prices to Costco members by connecting members to local pre-checked used vehicle dealers.

Costco benefits of membership also sell discount tires (which come with a five-year Road Hazard Warranty) and batteries and offer services such as nitrogen inflation, balance, rotation, and more.

Optical, Insurance, and Other Health Discounts

American Family Insurance supports Costco members with auto and home insurance discounts through the CONNECT app. The app offers additional discounts for safe drivers, students, and more. Costco also offers life insurance, vision and health insurance, pet insurance, and certain packages available to individuals and business owners.

Home product-installation discounts Costco benefits for members

Through the Costco benefits for members program, you can use your home remodelings services, such as installing some new shelves or redoing flooring and other home services. You will receive a Costco Store Card worth 10% of the service fee when you work with one of Costco’s partners.

Photo Printing Discounts

If you have a passion for photography or are someone who enjoys collecting photos, then you can take advantage of discounts from the Costco Photo Center as you can print posters, photo books, calendars, cards, and more.

Visa Costco Benefits for Members

Costco has a strong rewards program through exclusive access to Citi’s credit card, Costco Anywhere Visa. In addition to 2% cash back on eligible purchases from Costco, Visa Costco Benefits cardholders also get 3% cash back on eligible restaurant and travel purchases, 4% cash back on eligible gas purchases up to $7,000 per year, and cashback 1% back for other things, distributed annually.

What you need to know is that your Costco membership must be active so that prizes can be exchanged at the warehouse for cash or can be used at Costco. Several other cards are also considered with great rewards for Costco purchases, such as the Wells Fargo Active Cash Card and the Chase Freedom Unlimited card.

How do Costco benefits for members differ from others?

You might consider what other warehouse clubs such as Sam’s or BJ’s Club have to offer if you are currently weighing the pros and cons of a Costco membership. Here are the two biggest differences you can consider:

1. Sam’s Club membership

Has a membership price of $45 per year, but has a more limited service offering than Costco – for example, does not include free online delivery, optical savings, or pharmacy savings.

2. BJ’s Club Membership

It has a membership price of $55 per year with the manufacturer’s coupon-accepting method and you can stack it on top of the store’s built-in savings.

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