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Collagen from Costco : Jennifer Aniston’s Favorite Routine

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Collagen from Costco

Have you ever seen someone with an illustrious career in acting but has taken time out for his health and seems to be living in a way you can hardly imagine? that’s what you can see in someone like Jennifer Aniston. She seems to have a “glow” and seems so humble and down to earth. What’s the secret? according to Aniston, it was something she got from collagen from Costco.

The Hollywood star says she started buying collagen at Costco under the brand name vital proteins and has been taking it for years. Every day he turns a collagen shake into a snack bar of vital proteins. Products favored by Hollywood stars can get pretty expensive, so when we saw that collagen at Costco had such amazing deals on Aniston’s favorite collagen powder, we got really excited.

What kind of collagen do they sell at Costco?


Collagen at costco

Costco does sell several collagen products, such as:

– Vital proteins

– Youtheory collagen

– Ancient nutrition collagen peptides

Orgain Collagen Superfoods

– Trunature healthy skin collagen

– Platinum multi-collagen peptides

– Liquid collagen

– and much more

Among the several collagen at Costco mentioned above, Vital Proteins is Jennifer Anniston’s favorite.

If you are a customer of Costco, you will get Costco benefits for members. Currently, customers can get Chocolate Collagen Peptide and Original Collagen Peptide for $9 off.

On the Costco website, for the same price of about $27.99 you will get a jumbo 1.5-pound container of Original Collagen Peptide, which is unflavored, or a larger 2-pound container of Chocolate Collagen Peptide.

But if you want to buy collagen from Costco but it’s not affordable in your area, don’t worry, you can get Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Original on Amazon.

How to use Collagen from Costco?

There are several ways when you want to use collagen from Costco. You can add it to any drink you like a latte, smoothie, or other cold or hot drink.

To get benefits from collagen at Costco, a scoop or two a day is all you need to help promote healthy nails, skin, and hair. We’re not saying that when you take this collagen from Costco you’re going to be Jennifer Aniston. But there’s nothing wrong if we follow suit.

Because the routine he has put in place is a testament to this, especially when there are so many health benefits that come with adding collagen to your life.

How is Jennifer Aniston’s routine in consuming collagen from Costco?

Do you want to know how Jennifer Aniston has inspired her daily collagen routine? Please continue reading the article below so you don’t miss the health benefits.

Jennifer Aniston has had a passion for fitness and health for years. She has campaigned for a simple way to incorporate collagen into her daily life. For her, it’s like adding it to his morning coffee and topping it up after a workout, but there really are options for everyone.

Daily Routine

  • Added collagen from Costco to the snack bar


Collagen from Costco

Vital Proteins® collaborates with Jennifer Aniston to create delicious collagen in high-tasting protein bars, namely Dark Chocolate Coconut, Cold Brew Coffee, and Peanut Butter Fudge. it’s the perfect snack bar for any time of day: morning, between meals, or on the go.

  • Mixing original peptides with a smoothie or a cup of coffee

collagen from costco

collagen from costco

Derived from collagen peptides at Costco and available in sticks and cans, Vital Proteins Original Collagen Peptides offers 20g of collagen peptides per serving. Plus hyaluronic acid and vitamin C. Original Vital Proteins can easily be added to savory or sweet recipes because they are odorless, and easily soluble in cold and hot liquids.

  • Tried a new flavor from the Vital Proteins variant: Chocolate & Lemon


Collagen from Costco

Jen says: “My health routine is really fun, thanks to the Lemon Collagen Peptides and the Chocolate. Because it not only has benefits but also provides a different taste experience and also gives my smoothies a flavor boost.”.

The price for this variant of collagen from Costco is pretty affordable, for only around $27, you’ll get 20g of collagen peptides per serving and a touch of decadence to your favorite collagen peptides.

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