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Vita Protein Collagen Costco Review

Posted at January 4th, 2023 | Categorised in Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides Costco

Vita Protein Collagen Costco

An idea to create an extraordinary product from Vita Protein Collagen Costco came when a founder named Kurt Seidensticker felt joint pain. After much research, Seidensticker found that the key to supporting joint health was adding collagen supplements to his diet. He believes that in order to produce its own collagen in the body, it is not enough to provide amino acids through diet alone.

Vital Proteins has been producing a range of supplements since 2013 and continues to grow until now. Its products come in the form of creams, powders, water, and even gum. These products contain hyaluronic acid and collagen which support healthy joints, bones, skin, hair, and nails. Until 2020, the majority stake was acquired by Nestle Health Science.

Cost of Vita Protein Collagen Costco

We weren’t too excited when we first learned that a supplement for Vital Proteins Collagen actually costs almost $40 for 24 ounces of the unflavored powder. But after that, we came across the fact that most of the top-selling collagen brands are selling at the same average price. To help you compare collagen peptide prices, below is a price chart that you can look at as an illustration.





Vita Protein Collagen Costco


20 ounces


Sports Research Collagen Peptides


16 ounces


Orgain Collagen Peptides


16 ounces



Ingredients of Vita Protein Collagen Costco


Vita Protein Collagen Costco

Vita Protein Collagen Costco contains 19 different amino acids. It includes powerful amino acid substances such as lysine, alanine, and glycine (a deficiency of these substances will result in osteoarthritis and pain in the joints). The role of this amino acid in collagen synthesis is achieved on average in 80 milligrams of hyaluronic acid in each serving which is equivalent to two spoons.

Vital Proteins Collagen is hydrolyzed collagen so it’s more easily absorbed into the bloodstream. This collagen comes from pasture-raised cattle and is fed natural grass. It contains type I collagen (often found in connective tissue and is the most common type in the body), type II (the main component of cartilage), and type III (the type often found in the bone marrow).


For a more delicious taste, you can mix the Vital Proteins collagen with a cup of warm coffee. The combination of a cup of coffee with collagen in the morning has become a consistent part that will make you forget the little hassles in your life. So, since the powder is tasteless it can be added to both cold and hot drinks without any problems.

Vita Protein Collagen Costco Experience


Vita Protein Collagen Costco

According to Reda Elmardi, a certified strength and conditioning specialist. The Author of the blog The Gym Goat, and registered dietitian, collagen is an important protein that makes up a large part of our skin as we age. “The rate of collagen production slows down when entering the age of 30, while collagen is produced every day,” he said. “As we age, our body begins to lose its ability to produce new collagen so that the body can no longer produce new cells at a high rate.”

Based on Christin Perry’s personal experience, she is a contributor who has been taking Vital Proteins Collagen for a year. It can be easily said that she has been convinced of the benefits of the product. She had noticed a big change in the condition of his skin.

“When I first started taking Vita Protein Collagen Costco, my skin looked dry and dull, and I was dealing with hormonal acne on my chin and intermittent eczema around my nose. Today after I started taking collagen peptides regularly, I’m sure my eczema is completely gone and my skin looks bright and clean. And I no longer have cycle acne. In addition, the knee pain that was often experienced is now starting to improve. My joint health started to improve after taking collagen for a year.” she said.

This formulation containing Vital Proteins Collagen can improve skin structure with a powerful blend of antioxidants, premium collagen, and vitamin C. According to several studies, it is shown that improvements in skin health can occur in as little as four weeks. These benefits are almost the same as Organika Enhanced Collagen, they have almost the same composition and use.

Vita Protein Collagen Costco at a Glance


Vita Protein Collagen Costco


  • Cost: Vital Proteins charges $15 for 5 ounces; $27 for 9.3 ounces; $37 for a 20-pack of sticks; and $47 for a 20 oz.
  • Taste: Vita Proteins Collagen Costco has several different flavors to choose from, such as original, chocolate, matcha, and lemon. even if you consume collagen without flavor, you can mix this powder with your favorite drink or smoothie.
  • Side effects: If you take vital protein collagen regularly, based on research it looks like you don’t need to worry because there are no side effects that accompany it.



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