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Collagen Peptides Costco that You Should Know

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collagen-peptides-costcoSome celebrities say that taking Collagen Peptides Costco along with their favorite drink or smoothie makes them look glamorous and youthful. But what exactly are collagen peptides? is this accessible to everyone?

A dietitian named Beth Czerwony, RD explains collagen peptides and their benefits for your body.

What are collagen peptides Costco?

According to Czerwony, Collagen peptides are high-protein supplements that can help your body replace lost collagen. Their form is small, easily digestible collagen that supports natural protein production in your body.

Collagen has an important role in maintaining the health of your bones, connective tissue, and joints helping protect your organs and making skin elastic. In essence, collagen can hold your body together.

Your body can lose collagen when you turn 20. Then 1% of the collagen content per year in the body begins to disappear when the age enters 40 years. In addition, menopause also accelerates the process of collagen loss, resulting in wrinkles, decreased muscle mass, worn cartilage, and stiff joints.

Collagen peptides Costco is collagen produced by Costco with the nutritional content of quality collagen because it comes from animal protein from cows that are fed natural grass and grazed in pastures.

Collagen can be divided into two types, namely in powder form and liquid form. You can also get liquid collagen from Costco with the same benefits as powder.

Collagen Peptides Costco Benefits

While we may not all be as blessed with genetics as Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston, we can still experience the potential benefits of collagen peptides as she has said. He shared his secret to keeping his body supple and youthful, which is to routinely add a spoonful of Costco collagen to his smoothie every morning.

Taking collagen peptides Costco – also known as hydrolyzed collagen – can help with unwanted health problems by reproducing your body’s supply of collagen. This collagen supplement in addition to skin problems can also support intestinal or digestive health.

1. Supports skin elasticity

As we age, our skin becomes more and more wrinkled and dull. But collagen peptides can help with skin aging by making it look younger and tightening the skin.

Studies show that collagen peptides Costco keeps the skin hydrated so they can prevent wrinkles.

2. Help relieve muscle and joint pain

Are your joints starting to creak? when your collagen production decreases due to your aging so that joint problems begin to appear until you experience osteoarthritis.

Consuming Costco collagen can help protect your tendons and ligaments. So this supplement is worth a try for anyone who exercises a lot and suffers from arthritic pain.

Research has shown that collagen peptides have been shown to significantly reduce muscle and joint pain in people with degenerative joint disease, the elderly, and athletes.

3. Supports muscle and bone strength

One of the conditions that accompany aging is Osteoarthritis, this condition can cause the weakening of the bones and other risks.

The main component of bone is collagen, so when collagen production is reduced your bones weaken, making them more prone to fracture. according to research, consuming Costco collagen can help prevent and treat osteoporosis.

10% of your muscle tissue is also supported by collagen, so collagen peptides from Costco can also help increase muscle mass.

The benefits of Costco Collagen are almost the same as Vitauthority collagen burn, all of which are beneficial for skin health and also support skin elasticity, muscle, bone, and joint health.

Collagen Peptides Costco Product Detail & Ingredients


  • 20g Collagen Peptides
  • 18g Protein
  • Paleo & Keto Friendly
  • Gluten & Dairy Free
  • Sourced From Grass-fed, Pasture-raised Bovine

Costco Collagen consists of 2 flavors, namely chocolate and unflavored. How is the different chocolate flavor from the original collagen peptides costco? Chocolate collagen peptides contain the same grass feed, pasture-raised collagen you know and love, but with an added flavor boost from cocoa powder and a touch of stevia.

The vital difference between collagen peptides Costco:

  • Transparent: the collagen produced contains protein from cowhide which is naturally grass-fed and raised in pasture.
  • Sustainable: This collagen supplement can help reduce waste and increase sustainability because it is produced using the skin as a source of collagen. In addition, the tubes used are recyclable and free of BPA/BPS.
  • Easy To Use: Collagen peptides from Costco are unscented, easily soluble in cold or hot liquids, and odorless

How to take collagen peptides costco?


To start your day off right, use this supplement in whatever way you find most appealing. Hollywood artist Jennifer Aniston starts her day by adding collagen peptides to her favorite smoothie recipe, namely: 1 cup of chocolate almond milk, 2 scoops of Costco Collagen chocolate flavor, 1 banana, a handful of cherries, and 1 cup of ice. Then all is blended into one.

Is heat bad for collagen peptides Costco?

Some argue that heat has a negative effect on collagen peptides, but collagen peptides from Costco is not affected by heat unless it is really hot, with temperatures ranging from 572 degrees Fahrenheit (300 degrees Celsius) or higher.

So, of course, you shouldn’t have your collagen peptides in the pizza oven. but if you just mix it with your hot cup of coffee then you have nothing to worry about.

How Much do collagen peptides price and where to buy it?

On the original site collagen peptides costco costs around $39.99, on Amazon online shop it costs around $35.99, elsewhere depending on the size and package you want. You can choose this supplement according to your needs, hope you get the best price.

When you subscribe, their store offers the best value to their members, with a risk-free guarantee for the membership and the products you purchase as well as a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Please contact Customer Service or visit the membership counter at your local Costco if you have any questions about your membership or a product you purchased at Costco.             

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