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Genacol Collagen Review: The Right Choice for Skin Health

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genacol-amazonWithout collagen, our bodies are just a bunch of shapeless tissues. Some of our body structures work with the important role of collagen. Below we will discuss how the function of genacol collagen supports healthy skin, muscles, and joints.





Types of collagen and their definition

Collagen is a protein content in the body. Collagen comes from Greek, from the language “kólla”, which means “glue”. The function of collagen is to provide cohesion to the organs and tissues of the human body. In addition, it can also provide flexibility, resilience, and hydration properties.

According to research, there are more than 20 types of collagen in the human body. 99% of all types of collagen in the body are represented in Types I to V, namely:


Type I: Type of collagen to support skin, ligaments, tendons, bones, and some internal organs

Type II: Collagen which functions to support the structure of the eye and cartilage.

Type III: Supports the walls of blood vessels and skeletal muscles

Type IV: Supports most internal organs

Type V: collagen that supports most of the connective (supportive) tissue; often associated with Type I.


How does the body produce collagen?

Collagen contains a chain of amino acids linked together by peptide bonds. Amino acids are naturally produced by collagen at the cellular level and are obtained through the food we eat.

One of the specialized cells that produce collagen is the fibroblast. These cells are located in the connective tissue in our body so they play an important role in our body. Fibroblasts have the function of assembling amino acids into polypeptides so as to encourage collagen production.


Effects of the aging process on collagen production

Our lifestyle and the aging process directly affect the metabolic processes in the body. Included in the process of synthesizing collagen protein, it is important for the body to have the ability to synthesize new proteins through the intake of essential amino acids in food.

In addition, other factors such as stress, certain degenerative diseases, and injuries can increase the body’s need for amino acids for collagen protein production. Excessive sugar consumption, exposure to UV rays from the sun, and smoking can also trigger oxidative stress in our bodies, which impacts protein requirements.

Collagen production is estimated to decrease from the age of 30 years, then increase from the age of 50 years. This can lead to decreased function of the collagen-rich tissue, causing the following signs:

  • the body becomes more easily tired
  • Wound healing is slow
  • often feel sore
  • lack of muscle tone
  • the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Muscles and joints become stiff.

But often we ignore signs like the above in our early 30s because they don’t really affect health significantly. However, this problem is the tip of the iceberg, as we get older, health problems will increase.

Taking collagen supplements is one solution to meet the needs of amino acids and collagen in the body. The Aminolock content in genacol collagen helps supply all the amino acids needed by the body. Aminolock collagen is more easily absorbed by the body because it has a lower molecular weight compared to other collagen supplements. These characteristics are advantages that can support the prevention of signs of aging and decreased collagen production. Genacol collagen includes several products that all contain Aminolock.

What is Genacol Collagen?

Genacol collagen is collagen that contains the active ingredient Aminolock which functions to help maintain muscle mobility, and joint health, and reduce inflammation and joint pain.

Aminolock collagen from Genacol has superior efficacy and bioavailability for joint health and is supported by 3 scientific studies. With this content, collagen absorption is maximized because it has the lowest molecular weight structure.

Genacol Collagen Benefits

  • Supports joint health
  • 3 clinical studies prove the effectiveness of Genacol collagen
  • protects from premature wear of cartilage
  • add comfort to the joints

Product Detail & Dosage

Genacol collagen contains AminoLock® Collagen which is sourced from cows. Other ingredients are vegetable magnesium stearate and gelatin.

It is offered in 400 mg capsules and 1-day powder packs without preservatives or fillers.

For adults you can take 3 capsules a day, or as directed by your health care provider.

Not recommended for consumption by pregnant and lactating women and children under 18 years. If you still want to take it you should consult your doctor before using this or any dietary supplement.

Genacol collagen is a nutritional supplement that has a concentrated protein content, so it does not have any contraindications.

The difference between Genacol Collagen and other products

Aminolock collagen has been studied for more than 20 years so it contains an amino acid complex with ten times superior benefits than normal hydrolyzed collagen. This innovation was developed by DirectLab Inc. (Manufacturer of Genacol) by combining amino acids to produce an excellent product for efficient pain relief.

Genacol collagen is a safe product that allows the supply of protein elements needed to provide nutritional support for organisms in the effort to produce and regenerate collagen.

Genacol has an advanced R&D division that plays an integral role in developing premium dietary collagen to support the body’s natural mechanisms.

The manufacturer of Genacol has a reputation for more than 20 years so this supplement is completely safe for consumption. Genacol collagen is produced according to the highest quality standards and all guidelines set by the government. Contains no fillers or preservatives, thus helping the health of nails, joints, hair, tissues.

The function of genacol collagen is almost the same as rejuvenated collagen shots, where it is one of the best collagen ever because of the unique and high quality combination of amino acids.

Where to Buy Genacol Aminolock Collagen?

You can easily get it at genacol amazon, and the price is around $25 or other trusted online sites. And you can enjoy a healthy life by taking this supplement to keep your hair, skin, ligaments, bones, and other vital organs such as kidneys and heart in good condition.

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