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Youtheory Collagen 390 Tablets Review

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Youtheory Collagen 390 Tablets

Normally, our body gets collagen after protein from meat, fish dairy products, etc. metabolized and restructured many times. However, after entering the age of 20 years, even if the daily menu is full, it is no longer possible to replenish collagen in the body in a timely manner, so consuming Youtheory Collagen 390 Tablets is the choice of many people, especially women.

As for collagen pills, consumers still favor products from the US which have the most advanced drugs in the world.

What are Youtheory Collagen 390 Tablets?

Youtheory Collagen 390 Tablets are original products made in the US. This product is made in tablet form, with the main ingredient collagen 123, with added Vitamin C, Sodium, and Calories:

  • Vitamin C – Has a strong effect in promoting collagen formation.
  • Sodium – One of the minerals that help regulate fluid and extracellular fluid levels in the body.
  • Calories – By weight, all preparations contain a certain amount of calories.

Youtheory Collagen is prepared in the form of small tablets that are easy to consume, combining ingredients that are easily absorbed and converted into natural Collagen in the body.

Collagen Youtheory has the main effect of providing natural collagen for the body. Your skin after using Youtheory collagen 390 tablets will experience noticeable changes: Pores are fine, and skin is moist, smooth, and firm. Phenomena such as melasma, freckles, and wrinkles on the face, neck, and hands, can be overcome by this supplement.

In addition, your hair and nails will also become stronger and shiny, with no more brittle nails or hair loss.

When using the Collagen Youtheory, you can also clearly see:

  • Recovers the body from fatigue, and lethargy and strengthens the immune system.
  • Helps eliminate toxins gradually after a short time of use, making the body lighter and more comfortable.
  • Strengthens and nourishes tendons, ligaments, and muscles, and reduces joint pain and loss of strength.
  • Regulates female hormones and the menstrual cycle. 

How to use Youtheory Collagen 390 Tablets


Youtheory Collagen 390 Tablets

How to use Youtheory Type 1 2 & 3 Collagen Tablets?

– 6 pills a day to take beautiful collagen skin divided by 2 times

– 3 capsules each time 30 minutes before meals.

The ideal time to take Youtheory Collagen 390 tablets from the US is 30 minutes before breakfast because the body often absorbs good nutrients in the morning.

The night is the body’s recovery time because it is no longer exposed to sunlight, pollution, etc. Therefore, you can take Youtheory Collagen right before bedtime. You can buy it on the amazon online site, get it immediately and you will get a discount.

How long to take Youtheory Collagen?

Depending on the condition of each person, but according to the general assessment, after the user took Youtheory Collagen 390 tablets after 1 month the results were obvious, the skin improved significantly and the resistance also improved markedly.

Does taking Youtheory Collagen 390 tablets have any side effects?

It should be noted that Youtheory Collagen from the US is not for use by persons under the age of 18, pregnant and lactating women. And make sure to take the correct dose every day. Contact your healthcare provider before taking this supplement.

Maybe for some people, the use of Collagen Youtheory has some of the following side effects:


This is the body’s normal response to ingested foreign food. Symptoms include swelling of the face or throat, rash, or difficulty breathing. Therefore, you should try small amounts first to make sure your body is not allergic to Youtheory Collagen 390 tablets.


When taking American Collagen 390 tablets you may not be familiar with the aftertaste. Can be combined with juices to cover the rest of this unpleasant taste. However, it is important to avoid acidic and acidic juices such as oranges, lemons, apples, grapes, and tomatoes, which can reduce the effectiveness of collagen.

Ingredients of Youtheory Collagen 390 Tablets


Youtheory Collagen 390 Tablets

What do Youtheory Type 1 2 & 3 Collagen Tablets contain?

  • Calories 26 – *
  • Total fat 0 g – 0%
  • Cholesterol 0 g – 0%
  • Sodium 10 mg – 1%
  • Total Carbohydrates 0 g – 0%
  • Vitamin C (calcium ascorbate) 60 mg – 100%

Other ingredients in collagen tablets:

  • Collagen 2 & 3 (contains varying amounts of chondroitin and hyaluronic acid), Calcium ascorbate and Magnesium Stearate.
  • Alanine 8.3%, Arginine 8.5%, Aspartic acid 5.5%, Glutamic acid 11.4%, Glycine 19.8%, Histidine 1.3%, Hydroxylsine 0.5%, Hydroxyproline 11.7% , Isoleucine 1.5%, Leucine 3.0%, Lysine 3.4%, Methionine 0.7% , Phenylalanine 2.0%, Proline 13.3%, Threonine 1.8%, Tyrosine 0.7%, Valine 2.2%, Serine 3.0%.
  • Protein (Collagen loại 1, 2 & 3) 6 g.

Product Specifications:

– Product Name: Youtheory Collagen 390 tablets from USA

– Specifications: Box of 390 tablets

– Origin: USA

– Manufacturer: Youth

– Expiration date: Look at the product packaging

– Store in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight

If you want to try other products that have the same benefits as this collagen supplement, you can try Voonka collagen.


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