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How FANCL Tense Up Helps in Reversing The Effect of Aging

Posted at June 19th, 2022 | Categorised in All Products

fancl-tense-upHi, beautiful woman! We are very happy to finally be able to share with you our experience and results using FANCL Tense Up Ex for 30 days. In our last article, we shared the benefits of collagen protein and how they can help reverse the effects of aging. The unique nutritional formula for optimal absorption has become a favorite of many people in maintaining healthy and healthy skin.

Since ancient times, mankind has searched for the fountain of youth. The Fountain of Youth is a magical source that can reclaim the passage of time. In 2019, a search was improved as we implemented modern technology in our efforts. Who’s innocent of shaving for years using skin retouching apps and looking a little younger in photos?

The Secret of FANCL Tense up collagen impact

The real secret to taking advantage of today’s technological advances isn’t in the phone app, it’s in the bottle. FANCL Tense up is a daily collagen tripeptide drink that shines and keeps the youthful momentum.

A delicious beverage that can be enjoyed by all ages. A common misconception is that collagen needs to be replenished only in the later years when skin aging is visible, but research shows that by the age of 20 natural collagen production begins to slow down, so it’s best to start increasing it much faster than expected, or far faster than the naked eye can see.

And considering that this fibrous protein makes up about 70% of the skin’s dermis layer, it’s not just one of the key components of glowing, elastic, and youthful skin. Of course, as we age, collagen production becomes slower, with the most common signs of aging: freckles, sagging, dullness, or uneven skin tone.

Layering on serums and creams to treat the skin from the outside is only part of the process. Doing it inside is just as important. FANCL Tense Up puts 2,600 mg of collagen tripeptide in each bottle to not only replenish collagen but also boost collagen synthesis.

While most other traditional collagen molecules are large and poorly absorbed by the skin, the types found in the tense-up are designed to resemble the collagen in the dermis layer as closely as possible, allowing them to be absorbed efficiently and directly by the skin. finished. skin. FANCL Tense up or Deep Charge Collagen is patented in Japan because tripeptide collagen is highly effective.

FANCL Tense up also contains skin revitalizing active ingredients such as vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10, rice extract, hyaluronic acid, and apple polyphenols, super antioxidants that protect the skin from sun damage.

Not only is it known for its ability to provide collagen to the skin, but like other FANCL Tense Up products, it is very reassuring to know that it does not contain any harmful preservatives that can damage our body.

Our friendly and professional cosmetologists are always available to assist you in analyzing your skin type and condition at all FANCL Tense up counters. This is done with the help of a machine that gives the surface of your skin an enlarged appearance. Therefore, before we started taking FANCL Tense Up, we visited a shop to analyze our skin and to take notes on our current skin condition.

Skin Analysis by FANCL Tense Up

The picture below shows the skin analysis at the FANCL Tense Up beauty counter.

fancl tense up

The top row captures the skin’s surface with pores, fine lines, and sagging skin. The second row gives another view with a different magnification so that you can see the skin pigmentation.

Column left to right is the skin along the chin line, cheek area under the eyes, and forehead. This is a clear indication of how the quality of the skin varies across the face when exposed to UV rays. The skin on the forehead is severely damaged and shows signs of aging due to the greatest exposure to the sun.

Healthy skin with sufficient collagen has a pronounced reticulated skin structure on the skin around the chin line. In contrast, the skin on the cheeks and forehead has little or no resemblance to a reticulate structure, which indicates loss of collagen, and plump, inelastic, and sagging skin.

It is advisable to take FANCL Tense Up before going to sleep at night. The reason is that your body will repair and rejuvenate itself while you are in the land of dreams, and your body will become you when you are given the building blocks of good skin in your body just before you go to bed. these nutrients will be fully utilized to improve the skin. The taste of FANCL Tense Up is not too sweet, not artificial and light.

Plus, FANCL Ten up doesn’t use any sugar in this collagen supplement, so you don’t have to worry about burning calories.

Sometimes we get tired of work and exercise and forget about my daily collagen boost and jump into bed, so we usually pack it in my bag for work.

It didn’t take long to realize the effects of FANCL Ten Up. After a week, the skin all over the body becomes smooth and soft, and the skin tone is not uniform. In the second week, we wondered a little if the improvement in skin condition was a placebo effect or if we really benefited from the daily administration of collagen. So we went to the second analysis and were quite surprised by the results.

The skin structure all over the face has been improved, and we are happy to see such changes in such a short time! our skin is not oily and dry. It might be a little difficult to compare with the skin analysis on the photo on the right. For easy reference, we have compiled a comparison of the three skin analysis visits below.

Isn’t it amazing what FANCL Tense Up Ex for 30 days did to our skin? The collagen structure of the skin around the chin looks tighter and tighter. Then the skin on the cheeks and forehead begins to develop a collagen network.

It actually reverses the signs of aging! Overall, my skin has become more balanced, smoother, and more even. FANCL Tense Up seems to be a staple on my bedside table, for whatever reason!

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