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Fortigel Review – Does It Work and Is It Safe to Use?

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FortigelAccording to current research, out of 4 people suffer from joint problems and the number is steadily increasing. It is caused by stressed joints, excessive exercise, and wear and tear of joint cartilage. So you need additional collagen protein intake to meet the protein needs in your body. We would like to introduce how Fortigel supplements can help activate the growth of new cartilage by stimulating cells and helping to relieve joint discomfort and make joints smooth and mobile.

You need to know that collagen protein makes up almost 70% of the mass of cartilage. So as you get older, the need for this protein will increase while the natural production in the body decreases. This is what causes discomfort in the joints and other health problems.


What is Fortigel?


Fortigel is a unique bioactive collagen peptide that is beneficial for promoting joint health and stimulating the growth of new cartilage tissue which has been clinically tested.

Scientifically, this collagen supplement contains scientifically enhanced collagen which stimulates the regeneration of cartilage tissue that has been damaged by aging, stress, and friction. Your joints are protected by cartilage allowing for smoother movement. But with age, strenuous activities, and your daily work, cartilage can undergo wear and tear.

This product contains amino acids that can support the growth of new joint cartilage. Based on clinical trials, when you take Fortigel regularly it can help increase flexibility, help relieve joint pain and stiffness, and allow for smoother movement.

In 2008 a study at Penn State University was conducted on 147 athletes to test the effectiveness of Fortigel in reducing activity-related joint pain. The athletes were divided into 2 groups, namely, the control group took a placebo and one group took this product. This study was conducted for 2 weeks. Then got amazing results in that athletes using Fortigel reported increased mobility and decreased joint pain.

McAlindon in March 2011 conducted a clinical trial and the results also showed positive results in favor of Fortigel. From the results of this clinical trial by performing an MRI scan of cartilage tissue in people with knee osteoarthritis, it was found that taking Fortigel did encourage the regeneration of human cartilage tissue due to an increase in proteoglycan density.

Fortigel is manufactured by Gelita AG which is a leading supplier of gelatin and collagen products to various pharmaceutical, health, and food industries. Collagen products from Gelita AG are used for various purposes ranging from industry, beauty, and nutrition. Gelita AG has branch offices in various countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Australia, the United States, and Germany.

Fortigel Ingredients


The ingredients contained in Fortigel collagen are bioactive collagen peptides which are chains of amino acids that have benefits for the body to stimulate the formation of cartilage tissue. It can also help support connective tissue that can strengthen joint cartilage.

Fortigel Benefits


  • helps reduce stiffness and pain in joints
  • supports increased joint mobility and flexibility
  • stimulate the formation of cartilage tissue.
  • regenerate protein production in the body with bioactive collagen peptide content.
  • helps regenerate damaged cartilage tissue.

The benefits of this product are almost the same as Oziva Collagen. All you have to do is decide what’s best for you.

How does Fortigel Collagen work?

The content of bioactive collagen peptides in this product can increase the production of proteoglycans and collagen. Both of these components are the main parts in the mass of cartilage so it really helps the formation of new cartilage and repair of damaged tissue. The content of Fortigel also functions to increase tissue density so that it can protect it from constant wear and tear and strengthen joints

Fortigel Advantages and Disadvantages

  • This product has been clinically tested by undergoing various studies that conclude its positive effects on cartilage health.
  • allergy free
  • this product can be easily digested by the body and is highly bioavailable
  • can be mixed with your favorite foods, beverages, dietary supplements, milk or smoothies
  • has a neutral smell and taste
  • Promotes cartilage repair and growth
  • Contains natural protein peptides
  • there is no specific ingredient list listed on the manufacturer’s website
  • these products are mostly sold in bulk to health, nutrition, and pharmaceutical industry companies and are not available for individual purchase


The recommended dosage in this product is not specifically indicated on the company’s website. So basically it will vary according to the ingredients that contain Fortigel.

Fortigel FAQ

Q: How long can the results be known after taking Fortigel?

A: There is no detailed information about the results obtained, but in clinical trials, it showed an average of 24 weeks after taking Fortigel Collagen

Q: Can it be taken with other drugs?

A: It is recommended that you contact your personal health care provider before taking Fortigel along with other drugs because it is feared that it will cause certain drug interactions.

Q: Where can I buy Fortigel Collagen?

A: You can buy it on the Amazon online site or the official website


Despite the shortcomings of this product, this product is truly an innovative collagen supplement because it has gone through several clinical trials that have given positive results in terms of improving cartilage health. The content of amino acid compounds in it can help in the process of repairing damaged cartilage and stimulate the formation of healthy connective tissue.

Fortigel also significantly showed that an MRI scan can increase the density of proteoglycans, a component that is important for cartilage health.

In essence, this product can reduce stiffness, inflammation, and pain so as to support optimal joint health. So Fortigel is the right answer for you if you are looking to improve mobility and overall joint flexibility.


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