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Review of BioTrust Collagen – Does This Ageless Multi-Collagen Work?

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We become often concerned about things like worrying health-wise as we get older. For example, mobility issues, whether our gut health is still satisfactory or not, skin health, and aging. We experience problems with bone health, digestive health, and skin health as we age. Collagen protein is the solution to all these problems. In fact, you can get different health benefits from different types of collagen.

To make you feel younger than ever and help you fight age, our advice is to look for a natural multi-collagen solution from Biotrust Collagen (Biotrust’s Ageless Multi-Collagen). This collagen is a supplement that contains natural ingredients and you can enjoy it by mixing your favorite food or drink so you can feel younger day by day and improve your overall health.

To decide if this youthful multi-collagen powder is right for your needs, have a look at the BioTrust Collagen discussion below!

What Is BioTrust Ageless Multi-Collagen?

BioTrust Collagen is a protein powder formulated with natural flavors. There are no artificial sweeteners in its components. Plus, it is free from any gluten, hormone, or antibiotic ingredients.

BioTrust Collagen could be the right choice for you if you are looking for the closest thing to a natural solution. You can mix it with your favorite food or drink because BioTrust Collagen is a colorless and odorless tasteless powder.

Although you will basically eat or drink normally, the five different types of collagen in BioTrust Collagen will provide a boost to improve the health of your joints, gut, hair, nails, and skin. Plus, you can easily mix it up because it has a collagen powder that never clumps.

Why do you need BioTrust Collagen?

When you are young, natural collagen can be produced by the body in abundance. it causes your skin to feel firm and radiant, your digestive system to work as a champion, and your joints to be strong and supple.

However, as you age, your body will automatically experience a decline in the production of the protein collagen. and exacerbated by our activities such as smoking, excessive sun exposure, stress, and diet.

In summary, as we age our bodies produce less collagen.

Research shows that every decade after the age of 20, the level of skin collagen decreases by about 11 – 13%. The collagen levels of people in their 80s may average only a third of those in their 20s.


The Company Behind BioTrust Collagen Products

Multi-Collagen products are produced by the company Biotrust which was founded in 2011 by Joel Marion and Josh Bezoni. BioTrust’s headquarters are in Austin, Texas. The BioTrust company is known for producing authentic and honest nutritional products.

That’s why the nutritional supplement BioTrust Collagen contains natural ingredients and does not contain artificial sweeteners, additives, and flavors compared to other products. They also produce products such as protein powders and health supplements in addition to creating BioTrust Collagen.

The ingredients in this BioTrust Collagen product will be discussed and reviewed by competent research and editorial team so that it is more complete and also comprehensive.

BioTrust Collagen contains the following ingredients:

  • Peptide Matrix

This bioactive collagen protein is a trademarked combination containing real, undenatured chicken collagen, eggshell membrane, hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides, and hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides.

BioTrust Collagen can support natural collagen production in your body due to the combination of hydrolyzed animal collagen. Animal collagen can promote stronger connective tissue, stronger muscles, healthy hair, and healthy skin, as it is more bioavailable.

  • Fermentation of L-tryptophan

Although collagen is a good source of protein for the body, it is not technically complete. Complementing the deficiency are essential amino acids. Amino acid compounds have very important tasks such as the production of neurotransmitters, mood balance, and of course support the production of collagen.

The content of one of the nine essential amino acids is Tryptophan, but this compound is not yet present in collagen. BioTrust Collagen protein which contains Tryptophan compounds will add it to make the product more complete and also bioavailable. Because it can help create adequate serotonin levels, Tryptophan is often added to all kinds of brain support supplements.

Different types of collagen:

The 5 main types of BioTrust Collagen are:

  • Collagen I:

Collagen Type I is the most abundant in the body and has benefits including supporting digestive health, strong joints and bones, and healthy skin.

  • Collagen II:

Collagen II is hidden between cartilage, which is stored between bones to help support joints.

  • Collagen III:

Collagen Type III has the performance to support type one collagen to maintain better skin health and elasticity. In addition, the triple collagen also participates in supporting the smooth flow of blood in the blood vessels, thus enabling the performance of heart function, brain health, and digestion to be better.

  • Collagen IV:

This type of collagen is also very important in supporting healthy skin and hair.

  • Collagen V:

Collagen V has benefits for supporting bone health.


Benefits of BioTrust Collagen for Ageless:

  • Helps increase collagen production in your body
  • Contains complete collagen protein for better absorption
  • It can help you lose weight when you take it with the right diet.
  • Your skin will look younger and feel more elastic
  • Helps support the improvement of the health of nails, intestines, hair, joints, and skin.
  • Like other hydrolyzed collagen products, BioTrust Collagen offers the same benefits.
  • Powder that does not clump at all
  • Tasteless or smelly
  • You can mix it with your favorite food or drink

Deficiency of BioTrust Collagen

  • The ingredients used in the manufacturing process contain nuts, soy milk, etc., so some people may have an allergy to these ingredients.
  • The product is not for someone who is vegetarian

How does BioTrust Collagen work?

Supplements from BioTrust Collagen contain five types of collagen making it one of the best supplements available bioavailable. This product can help increase your body’s collagen production so that it can function as a youthful collagen booster.

You can consume Ageless BioTrust Collagen by adding it to your diet, such as a pancake mix. You can also add it to your favorite drink either cold or hot.

While you get the collagen boost you need to ward off all the problems that come with aging, you can also enjoy what you love with the drinks and foods you mix with BioTrust Collagen.

This supplement can also help protect your digestive system and increase energy levels along with your healthy diet.  The nine essential amino acids in BioTrust Collagen are an advantage of this product over other products, making it more efficient at doing what needs to be done.

Is BioTrust Collagen Safe for consumption?

Maybe you have questions regarding whether this BioTrust Collagen supplement is safe? Although this product is made from natural ingredients, there are some risks of side effects that come with it.

The amino acid tryptophan in this supplement may cause drowsiness in some people. You should follow the instructions for using BioTrust Collagen because if you consume it in excess, it can certainly be a bad thing rather than a good thing.

You can try this collagen product in several flavors such as chocolate, fruit punch, and vanilla. You simply add to the cold or hot liquid as much as 8 ounces of this collagen supplement powder and mix well. each package can provide 20 servings or more depending on how you consume it.

As previously explained that manufacturing process facilities originate from facilities that process ingredients such as wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, milk, soy, and other common food allergens.

You may want to look for alternatives and be careful that you unknowingly trigger an allergic reaction if you have a food allergy. We recommend that you check your condition first with your doctor or with your licensed healthcare provider if you have any questions about this collagen supplement.

Where to buy BioTrust Collagen?

You can purchase BioTrust Collagen through Amazon online site. The price of 1 bag is $39. You will also get a discount if you buy with a package deal such as 3 bags or 6 bags. The prices per package are $35 and $31 per bag, respectively.


If you get a product that doesn’t match you will get a 60day money-back guarantee for all products. You can contact their customer service before the 60 days expire. This reflects the quality of BioTrust Collagen products. You can try other variants of BioTrust Collagen, namely the Carb Management support supplement or the Advanced Immune Support supplement. You can check other competitors like Orgain Collagen Peptides or Primal Harvest Collagen if you’re still unsure.

Is it worth the product from BioTrust Collagen?

You should believe that BioTrust Collagen products are worth using if you want to counteract all the risk factors that accompany aging. Moreover, you want to look younger and energetic.

If you add collagen to your diet, you will be surprised at the transformation you will experience. Plus, because it is made from natural ingredients, this is one of the reasons why you should consume it. We can safely say that BioTrust Collagen is one of the best collagen products out there. As a side note, instead of trying to add bone broth to your diet, the protein content of this product has a lot of protein in it.

They take the products they produce with BioTrust Collagen seriously. With their FDA-approved research, they produce high-quality supplements.

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